Advice for Building a 100-Year Firm

NEA Co-Founder, Chuck Newhall, on Building a 100-Year Firm

Chuck Newhall, Co-Founder & Retired General Partner, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), joins Code to share how NEA attracted and retained superstar investors, how they grew the size of their funds, and the mistakes they made along the way.

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On the decisions you make to build a 100-year firm

A spirit and culture of sharing carry and alignment helped Newhall build an enduring firm.

On how they structured the firm

An enduring firm learns and adapts as it evolves.

On how they assess partner performance

Assessing the performance of partners isn’t a short-term game.

On moving from $100–300M funds to billion-dollar funds

When they saw too much money being left on the table, Newhall and his partners adjusted their approach to raise larger funds.

JMI Equity Founder and Managing GP, Harry Gruner, on Advice for Building a Long-Term Firm

In Code Cubitt’s final episode as guest host, he welcomes JMI Equity’s Founder and Managing GP, Harry Gruner. With over 30 years of experience working in and with software companies, Harry offers insight into building an investment thesis that grows with you, getting started in VC, and persevering through the tough times.

Listen to the full episode above on Spotify or over on iTunes.

On developing a thesis with long-term legs

Gruner and his partners knew that Silicon Valley didn’t have a monopoly on smart entrepreneurs.

On advice to young entrepreneurs who want to get into venture capital

Gruner had some prescient advice for young VCs or those looking to get into the business.

On building a firm for the long-term

Sticking with the grind and keeping a growth mindset will help you endure.

On words of wisdom for aspiring fund managers and GPs

Success requires a certain amount of ‘sticktoitiveness’ for young VCs.



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