Building the Future We Want: From Ambition to Action

Venture capital finally has the conditions to be just like the majestic redwood trees at 1440, which not only grow incredibly tall supported by fiercely strong roots but have the remarkable ability to regenerate themselves in order to survive.

“For those who are investing differently, do not be afraid to break the rules.”

According to a Pitchbook publication from September 30, 2021, about 15.4% of GPs in the US are women. We still have a long way to go, but we should celebrate that this is almost three and a half percentage points higher than in 2019, all the while working towards a higher degree of gender parity. The difference between 12.0% then and 15.4%, now will have a ripple effect on the headline numbers around female-founded investments, magnifying the gains. Studies suggest that female founders tend to seek out female investors and that the chances of a female-founded company successfully securing financing can rise with a female investor in the room. There’s also evidence that, despite the challenges of the pandemic, female founders continue to outperform — exiting quicker and at higher valuations.



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