Kauffman Fellows


  • Alawi H. Al-Shurafa

    Alawi H. Al-Shurafa

  • Stephan J. F. Heller

    Stephan J. F. Heller

    Founder & CEO of @FinCompareDE @Watchmaster_com @IntelIgnite… Based in #Munich. Before @Groupon. Love #Tech, #CompanyBuilding #VC, #Travel

  • Jason Gray

    Jason Gray

    Managing General Partner at Pioneer Fund; YC alumni

  • Matt Esposito

    Matt Esposito

    Consumer Research & Strategy

  • Mansour Almaghlouth

    Mansour Almaghlouth

  • GeorgeOkk


    CreatorCuratorCollaborator. DocumentingMyJourney. AndSharing. ThoughtsAlongTheWay.

  • Laurel Koegel

    Laurel Koegel

  • Neilda Pacquing

    Neilda Pacquing

    CEO & Founder, MindGlow, Inc.| Boost VC | Oculus Launch Pad 2018 | Curious Mind | Social Impact Driven | Never meant to stand still | Follow me @NeildaLikeZelda

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