How to Build an Enduring Firm

Floodgate Co-Founder and Partner, Mike Maples, on Investing in Lean Startups

In Code’s first episode, he hosts Floodgate Co-Founder and Partner, Mike Maples. Floodgate invests early in the extraordinary, top 1 percent and offers high levels of support to help startups achieve extraordinary outcomes. Throughout their conversation, Mike shares how his entrepreneurial background makes him a stronger investor at Floodgate, how and why he structured his firm, and why he wants Floodgate to endure long past him.

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On transitioning from being an entrepreneur to starting a fund

Maples went from being a player to becoming a coach.

On his original thesis

You don’t know what you don’t know until someone else points it out to you.

On structuring a firm

Maples structured his firm in a way that could both be fair and endure over time.

On building Floodgate to transcend him

“I don’t care about my legacy. Some people say they want a thing to last forever because it’s got their handprints on it. That’s not why I want it to persist. I want to persist because building a world-class, high-performance firm that embraces the new types of intellectual, gender, and ethnic diversity would matter.

TorQuest Partners’ Sr. Managing Partner on Building a Long-Term Investing Team

Kicking off his second episode on the Kauffman Fellows Podcast, Code Cubitt, welcomes Brent Belzberg, Senior Managing Partner at TorQuest Partners. As a Canadian-based manager of private equity funds with a proven track record in identifying and building value in a diversified portfolio of companies, Brent offers an insightful look into how TorQuest Partners builds out its team, trains the next generations, and establishes a solid foundation with a long-term view.

Listen to the full episode above on Spotify or over on iTunes.

On establishing the foundation for TorQuest Partners with long-term views

Some Belzberg’s founding ideals have endured, but he and his partners also had to learn a lot through time and experience.

On how TorQuest Partners built out their team

Belzberg and his partners knew they needed individuals who could empathize with the type of entrepreneurs they were seeking to invest in.

On grooming the next generation

For Belzberg, it’s about elevating and delegating.

On tolerance for growing pains on the team

Understanding a team member’s needs and mindset is key.



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