Kauffman Fellows Bets Big on African Tech, Plans to Host Annual Summit in Kenya September 2023

We’re bringing 300 of the world’s top venture capitalists to Nairobi, Kenya in September 2023

After a successful Latin America Summit in Mexico City earlier this year, Kauffman Fellows is thrilled to announce that we’re heading to Nairobi, Kenya, for the next Annual Summit. Taking place September 10–13, 2023, the Kauffman Fellows Africa VC Summit will bring more than 300 investors from over 35 countries to Kenya. Annual Summits are a reunion of the entire KF investor network in the most exciting innovation ecosystems across the globe. This invite-only regional tour aims to promote cross-border investments in burgeoning tech markets worldwide, with the most recent summits hosted in Mexico, Dubai, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Brazil, and China.

African Tech Opportunity

Africa Fellows Host Committee

Africa Fellows Host Committee

Summit Objectives

Earlier this month, Kauffman Fellows CEO, Jeff Harbach, met with Sakaja Arthur Johnson, the Governor of Nairobi, to discuss plans for the Kauffman Fellows Africa Summit 2023.

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Why do we gather as Kauffman Fellows? Hear from LatAm-based Fellows who welcomed us into the region earlier this year as we hosted the KF LatAm Summit in Mexico City.
2021: Kauffman Fellows LatAm Summit in Mexico City, Mexico
2020: Kauffman Fellows MENA Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2019: Kauffman Fellows Asia Summit in Tokyo, Japan



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