Kauffman Fellows & Techstars Re-Launch Venture Deals Course

It’s our hope that after this course, you’ll have an understanding of how venture deals work and feel comfortable with various aspects of the transactions to work through the process and focus your energy in the right places.

  • Capital Ecosystem
    - People Within the Venture Ecosystem
    - Investor Engagement and Best Practices
  • Preparing to Fundraise
    - Fundraising Options
    - Inside a Venture Capital Fund
    - Valuation
    - Cap Tables
  • The Deal
    - Term Sheet Overview and Economics
    - Term Sheet — Control Provisions
    - Term Sheets — Other Terms
    - Negotiating the Deal
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Venture Capital
  • Mental Wellness in Entrepreneurship
Behind-the-Scenes: Brad Feld of Techstars(pictured left) with Jeff Harbach of Kauffman Fellows (pictured right) on set during the Venture Deals re-shoot



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