The Evolution of Venture Capital

Aligned Partners Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Susan Mason, on the Evolution of Venture Capital

First up this week, Code welcomes Susan Mason (KF Class 2), Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Aligned Ventures. With decades of combined experience Code and Susan examine each aspect of investing to discover what has and has not changed as venture capital has evolved over the last 20–30 years.

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On what has changed in venture capital during her career

It is very interesting to see the changes that have happened in the venture capital industry over the years.

On the consistency of deal flow

There is plenty of evolution in venture capital over the last 20–30 years, but some things stay the same.

On what’s changed in the deal evaluation and due diligence process

Some due diligence and deal evaluation processes look the same as they did 30 years ago. Other aspects have evolved with the times.

On the strategizing in VC

The strategies in venture capital vary depending on the game you’re trying to play.

Sozo Ventures Managing Director, Phil Wickham Building an Enduring VC Culture

Phil Wickham (KF Class 1), Managing Director at Sozo Ventures, joins Code to break down the elements of an extraordinary VC culture. Throughout the episode, they share how to grow talent, build a rock-solid culture, and focus on long-term success within a firm.

Listen to the full episode above on Spotify or over on iTunes.

On the criteria for success

There are things you can adjust as you go and others you need to build into your foundation.

On culture as it relates to fund building and firm building

Firms that can play the long game and build an enduring culture are the ones that will win.

On how investment culture has evolved

Gone are the days of the Gordon Gekko culture.

On growing from inside for long-term success

For Wickham, there may be some truth to the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.



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