The Path to Conviction in VC

  • Julie Yoo, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, shares her system for gathering quantitative data about her level of conviction during due diligence. > PLAY NOW
  • Lior Susan, Founding Partner at Eclipse Ventures, explains how “hunting as a pack” keeps their team competitive. > PLAY NOW
  • Wen Hsieh, Partner at Kleiner Perkins shares the 5 criteria all potential ventures must meet before he considers investing. > PLAY NOW
  • Ann Miura-Ko, Co-Founding Partner at Floodgate, shares how building a diverse team leads to better decisions. > PLAY NOW
  • Adam Goulburn, Partner at LUX Capital, shares the questions he asks when deciding if an opportunity is the best fit for the firm and founders. > PLAY NOW

Adam Fisher, Bessemer Venture Capital Partner, on Achieving Conviction with Early-Stage Startups

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On Adam’s framework for conviction

As an early-stage investor, there’s often not a lot of data to analyze, or a track record to dig into. For many VCs, that leaves people. Who’s running the show?

On the current pace of deals

Today’s VC environment is fast-paced in the extreme. That precludes taking time for due diligence that was expected in the past. That may work for some deals, but not for others.

On achieving conviction when confronted with so much uncertainty

Decision-making in VC is complex, involving so many moving parts in addition to the fast pace. Some investors feel that success requires as much, or more, intuition as analysis.

Julie Yoo, Andreessen Horowitz Partner, on Cultivating A Prepared Mind

Listen to the full episode above on Spotify or over on iTunes.

On her framework for reaching conviction

As a previous founder with a product background, Julie has learned to decipher when a different approach to decision-making may be necessary.

On how a prepared mind can enhance conviction

In a competitive world, founders often are selecting their VCs, so VCs need a USP too. One approach is preparing the mind with research.

On her numeric scale of conviction

If what gets measured is what gets managed, applying self-evaluation is another tool for measuring conviction.

On how the speed of deals has changed her approach

In addition to a prepared mind, setting expectations early is crucial in maximizing value in meeting founders.



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