Will Investment DAOs Decentralize Venture Capital?

A closer look at VC3, the first and only investment DAO made up of professional venture capitalists using the principles of decentralization to invest in and support Web3 startups

DAO 101

Enter VC3

“The level of sophistication this group of VC investors brings to blockchain and crypto is phenomenal for the industry as a whole.”

How It Works

VC3 DAO emoji votes after a recent startup pitch

Power of the Network

Fellows Jules Miller (left) and Jehan Chu (right) lead Kauffman’s Blockchain Special Interest Group and are founding members of VC3

“The tactical democratization and unbundling of venture capital enables more efficient allocation of resources to founders who wouldn’t otherwise be seen by the traditional VC landscape. This is the most exciting innovation in our industry since AngelList in 2010.”

Q&A with Jules Miller (KF Class 22), Founding Member of VC3, and Partner at Mindset Ventures

The research platform DeepDAO estimates that DAOs currently have $10.2 Billion USD in assets under management in their treasuries.

VC3 is the only DAO whose membership consists of full-time venture capitalists with the intention to build a new model of how professional VCs can leverage decentralization at scale.

This is a very different way to do venture, and one that is philosophically aligned with the core tenets of Web3 and decentralization.

VCs can not afford to only invest in their local 7x7 community anymore, and investment DAOs unlock the insular nature of traditional VC in a way that we think is very exciting.

These are things that wouldn’t work in normal VC funds or even normal companies, but are very much aligned with the world of Web3.

It’s similar to how VC firms’ platform teams work to support portfolio companies, but in the case of VC3, our startups can tap into a much deeper pool of resources, which we will continue to build out through our ecosystem partnerships.

We are adding LPs directly to our DAO community, so we only want to include people and organizations who get the vision and are ready to (and excited to!) roll up their sleeves. Web3 requires participation, and we expect that from everyone involved in our ecosystem.

If we believe in the power of blockchain to flatten and disrupt other industries, we must apply the same thinking to our own industry.

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DAO Partner & Leadership

VC3 GPAC & Committee Members

Network Partner

For ongoing information about VC3, please visit www.vc3dao.xyz, subscribe for updates, and follow along on Twitter (@vc3dao).



Kauffman Fellows is the world’s premier venture education program with the largest and most connected network of VC investors.

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Kauffman Fellows is the world’s premier venture education program with the largest and most connected network of VC investors.